The Most Important Graphic Design Project You Will Ever Commission? Your Logo.

As a business or brand, one of the fastest ways to ensure that consumers remember who you are and what you stand for is with a fantastic logo. While this small piece of design collateral may seem unassuming at first, consider this: What comes to mind when you think of favorite companies? 

You probably think of a few unique designs: a swoosh, an apple missing a bite, golden arches. The companies and brands that leave and impact in the industry – and their revenues – all have a commonality. They each can be spotted from a mile away with a single glance at their logo.

When it comes to brand reputation and recognition, the single most important design you will ever commission is your logo.

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skimp On Your Logo

While it may be tempting to take a marketing shortcut and save money through a low-budget logo design, you may miss an incredible opportunity to ensure success if you skimp. Here are three reasons that you need to invest time and resources into a professionally-designed logo for your brand:

  1. Your Logo Tells Your Story In 1 Second

Think of some of the most successful brands and companies in the world. Likely, if you see their logo you can name the business quickly. What else do you gain from a well-designed logo? A brand’s values and mission – their story. 

The most successful brands are able to utilize their logo to share their brand story with customers in a flash. With a well-designed logo, anyone on the street can immediately understand who you are, what you do, and why you exist. 

  1. Your Fans Will Want To Rally Around Your Brand

There is nothing a brand loyalist wants to do more than feel as though they are part of your team. When it comes to building brand loyalty, you can quickly unite your current and potential customers around a well-designed logo. Whether wearing the logo on branded clothing or slapping a logo sticker on their device or vehicle, logos are the fast and easy way to show the world that you love something.

A fatal move for many businesses is updating and changing their logo. While rebranding is a common part of scaling a successful business, if your fans have taken to your brand, you can guarantee they will lose trust if you switch your logo up due to a poor design!

  1. A Logo Will Be Your Most Common Marketing Tool