Content Drives Everything – The Power of Good Copy

Content Drives Everything – The Power of Good Copy

In today’s age of digital marketing, having a high-functioning website that wows visitors is essential to ensuring future success. To better reach a growing consumer market that has grown up engaging with technology and social media, businesses and brands are increasingly filling up their websites with engaging video, photo, and creative content that seeks to draw in potential customers.

However, while the move toward high-quality, engaging visuals is great, the real power of the most effective websites is a tool as old as the written word itself – well-written copy. While the medium of media may be changing, the means by which information is conveyed remains: good copy content that drives website visitors to learn more, engage with your brand, and become consistent customers.

To take advantage of all that your website can truly become, you need good copy content across your site. Great visuals with poor copy is nothing but flash and fizzle – and can cause you to lose potential customers quickly.

What Is “Good Copy?”

So if “good copy” is so important to having a strong website presence, how do you know that copy is effective? In filling your website with great copy content, here are some of the top characteristics of “good copy” that works:


First and foremost, good copy is informative. While you can fill your pages with fancy words and enticing sentences, the true goal of copy content is to inform your site’s visitors. It is likely that you’ve visited a website and scanned through the home page only to realize you have no clue what the site is trying to sell you!

Great copy offers clear and concise wording on your products, services, brand, and any other important elements that you hope engages and inspires your potential customers to convert.


Great and informative copy doesn’t have to mean boring. While you will want your copy to clearly state the who, what, and why of your brand, you should also seek to capture your visitor’s attention with wording and styles that draw their eye. Remember, some of the most impactful and engaging copy says a lot with only a few words


In writing your copy content to be both informative and engaging, you should seek to tell a story with your copy that inspires. The most successful companies are able to compel their audience with a story that they can’t help but keep reading! Write your copy in such a way that it guides your audience to convert through well-placed CTAs and ways to get involved in your brand’s mission.

How Copy Can Boost Your Site Effectiveness

Not only will good copy inform, engage, and inspire, but it can also be one of your most powerful marketing tools! Copy can help you boost your search engine optimization (SEO) by cleverly utilizing popular keywords and phrases that those searching for your products or services are most likely to use. 

Once your powerful copy SEO draws visitors to your site, you can use your copy as guideposts to help lead visitors to effective calls-to-action that encourage them to get in touch with your company, sign up for marketing materials, or make a purchase! 

While professional videos and photography are great, people still want to read your site to learn more and make an informed decision. Don’t let your website suffer from lackluster copy content that confuses and bores your visitors. Our team at Beegus Media is skilled with years of experience helping businesses and brands tell a compelling story through professional copy content. If you want to learn more about great copy, and complete a site audit that will offer quick and easy ways to increase your effectiveness, contact our team today to learn more!