Why You Need To Invest In Powerful SEO

Why You Need To Invest In Powerful SEO

If you are a business owner or website developer, you probably know that SEO is an important part of successful digital marketing. However, do you truly understand what SEO is, and how it works to successfully boost your website’s potential?

As you grow in your understanding of this powerful tool and utility, you can begin to properly customize your website and digital content to better reach and engage customers in new ways.  In this blog, we will walk through SEO, and show how this tool can give you the competitive edge in your market!

Defining SEO

So what is SEO? 

“SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization. This concept refers to your website’s ability to be discovered by online search engines when a user searches for particular keywords or phrases related to your business, products, or services. In short, the better your SEO, the higher in the rankings your site will appear! No SEO, or poor SEO means no chance of being found on the web… I’ll say it again… NO. CHANCE. Imagine spending all that money or time to have this incredible web presence that no one ever sees unless they literally type your web address into the address bar. You may as well build a full scale model of the Death Star and then hide it in your closet… Crazy, right?!

SEO is best accomplished through two methods: back-end site development and SEO-optimized content.  On the backend of your website, you can fill your coding with specific SEO-related coding and marketing content that will help search engine algorithms “crawl” your site for SEO-rich information. This can be accomplished through metadata and other site-specific coding.

On the other end, SEO-optimized content is any unique content that your website features that helps search engines catch and promote your website. There are a variety of kinds of content and design that can help your website’s SEO, including:

  • Headings & Subheadings That Promote Your Business
  • Product Pages 
  • Keyword-Based Blog Posts & Articles
  • Lists & How-To Guides
  • Engaging Videos & Photography

Boost Your SEO With An Expert Eye

Once you understand how SEO works and the purpose of a strong SEO design, you can begin to boost your web presence to help your business reach the top of your unique search keywords. However, the process of getting started can begin a bit overwhelming.

To help you learn how SEO can best serve your unique needs, partner with an expert in the digital marketing space. At Beegus Media, our team of SEO-trained experts have the experience necessary to help you build and implement a personalized SEO content strategy that fills your website with effective content.

Ready to get started? Contact us at Beegus Media today to find out more!